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Genetics of Aquatic Organisms 2023, Vol 7, Num, 4     (Pages: GA616)

Evaluation of Extenders for Cryopreservation of Cirrhinus mrigala Milt

Insherah Aziz 1 ,Shaista Bibi 1-2 ,Bushra Allah Rakha 1 ,Sobia Amir 1 ,Muhammad Amjad Awan 1 ,Javeria Arshad 1 ,Shamim Akhter 1

1 Department of Zoology, Wildlife and Fisheries, Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi-46300, Pakistan
2 Department of Fisheries, Government of Punjab, Pakistan.
DOI : 10.4194/GA616 Viewed : 388 - Downloaded : 251 This study aimed to evaluate the performance of different extenders for the cryopreservation of Cirrhinus mrigala milt. The extenders under investigation included Kurokura-2 + DMSO (KD), Alsever`s solution + DMSO (AD), Kurokura-2 + Methanol (KM), and Alsever`s solution + Methanol (AM). Sperm quality assessments encompassed critical parameters such as sperm motility, motility duration, viability, and DNA integrity. The initial analysis of fresh milt revealed motility rate of 88.33±1.66%, pH of 7.52±0.76, a volume of 7.83±0.44 mL, a sperm count of 3.55±0.40 x 1010/mL. Upon thawing, it became evident that the KD extender yielded significantly higher post-thaw sperm motility (%) at 68±1.67, compared to the KM (40.00±2.89), AD (38±1.67), and AM (41.67±4.40). Additionally, sperm motility duration (seconds) exhibited a notable increase in the KD extender (78.67±10.413) in comparison to the KM (52.00±5.291), AD (46.66±1.66), and AM (41.67±1.667) extenders. The KD extender also contributed to higher sperm viability (%) at 66.00±1.00, whereas KM and AM exhibited similar values at 59.00±3.00 and 55.33±6.38, respectively. Furthermore, DNA integrity (%) remained consistently high for KD, KM, and AM (98.67±0.66, 98.00±1.52%, and 97.33±1.20%), while a lower percentage was observed for AD (88.00±1.15). In conclusion, the modified Kurokura extender, supplemented with 10% DMSO, showcased a pronounced positive impact on the cryopreservation of Cirrhinus mrigala milt. Keywords : Kurokura-2 Alsever`s solution DMSO Methanol Milt