From Germs to Mammals in Aqua
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About Journal

The aim of GENAQUA is to publish high quality valuable scientific research in the field of genetics and molecular biology studies on aquatic organisms aiding the further development of this area.
The Journal publishes biannually English language original research papers, critical review articles, short communications and technical notes on applied and scientific research relevant to genetics of aquatic species from germs to mamals.
Topics within the scope of this journal include:

  • Population genetics and genetic diversity of aquatic species
  • Omics studies on aquatic species and comparative genomics
  • Biotechnological applications on aquatic species including selective breeding cryopreservation, polyploidy
  • Bioinformatics and metagenomics studies
  • Gene transfer and editing applications
  • Molecular biology studies on gene expression and analysis

GenAqua is a fully open access journal, with free online access to all content. No page charges or publication fees are collected. There is no payment required at any stage of the article publishing process