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Genetics of Aquatic Organisms 2023, Vol 7, Num, 2     (Pages: GA572)

Comparative Evaluation of Custom TNA Extraction Buffers to Obtain High-quality TNA from Shrimp and Polychaetes

Joanna Gerszon 1 ,Berit Genz 1 ,Louise Franz 1 ,Melony Jay Sellars 1 ,Ralf Joachim Moser 1

1 Genics Pty Ltd., Level 5, Gehrman Building, 60 Research Road, St Lucia, Qld 4067, Australia DOI : 10.4194/GA572 Viewed : 923 - Downloaded : 814 Selecting the appropriate lysis buffers is crucial in obtaining high-quality nucleic acids for molecular pathogen detection. In this study, we compared three in-house and one commercial lysis buffer for their effectiveness in extracting high-quality TNA from Tiger shrimp and sandworm samples. Buffer L1 outperformed the commercial counterpart, producing higher TNA concentrations and concordant PCR results for all DNA and RNA targets in the Shrimp MultiPathTM. The findings underscore the significance of selecting the right extraction buffers to achieve high-quality nucleic acids for downstream molecular applications and suggest that in-house buffers can be a viable alternative to commercial ones for difficult-to-extract tissues. Keywords : Extraction Buffer Penaeid Giant Tiger shrimp Sandworms PCR Shrimp MultiPathTM