From Germs to Mammals in Aqua
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Genetics of Aquatic Organisms 2020, Vol 4, Num, 1     (Pages: 29-37)

Genetic and Bio-Ecologic Characteristics of Common Pandora Pagellus erythrinus from the Eastern Mediterranean Coast of Turkey for the Ecosystem-Based Fishery Management

Ali Uyan 1 ,Cemal Turan 1 ,Mevlut Gurlek 1 ,Deniz Yaglioglu 2

1 Iskenderun Technical University, Faculty of Marine Sciences and Technology, Molecular Ecology and Fisheries Genetics Laboratory, 31220 Iskenderun, Hatay, Turkey
2 Duzce University, Department of Biology, Duzce, Turkey
DOI : 10.4194/2459-1831-v4_1_03 Viewed : 3723 - Downloaded : 2382

Genetic structure and growth characteristics of common pandora Pagellus erythrinus populations collected from the Iskenderun, Mersin and Antalya Bays were revealed through D-loop sequencing of mtDNA and length-weight and age-length relationships. While the highest value of genetic diversity was obtained in the Mersin population (0.0024), the lowest value was in Iskenderun population (0.0006). A total of 9 haplotypes was found and mean haplotype diversity was found 0.7485. The highest genetic divergence was observed between the Mersin and Iskenderun Bay populations (0.0206), whereas the Iskenderun and Antalya Bay populations had the least genetic divergence (0.0165). BioMorphv3 was used for determining the length-weight and age-length relationships. The length-weight relationships for all individuals of Iskenderun, Mersin and Antalya populations were estimated as W=0.0693 x L2.3887 (r=0.9456), W=0.0786 x L2.3338 (r=0.9473) and W=0.0693 x L2.3887 (r=0.9542), respectively. The von Bertalanffy growth parameters for all individuals of Iskenderun, Mersin and Antalya populations were calculated as Lt=39.22 [1 - e0.210(t+0.32)], Lt=50.48 [1-e0.120(t+2.76)], Lt=38.08 [1-e0.158(t+0.48)], respectively.

Keywords : Pagellus erythrinus, Stock identification, mtDNA sequencing, Growth parameters, Northeastern Mediterranean