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Genetics of Aquatic Organisms 2018, Vol 2, Num, 1     (Pages: 007-012)

The bioactive component and DNA protective capability of cultured Spirulina in Turkey (Marmara Region)

Sibel Bayıl Oguzkan 1 ,Betul Kut Guroy 2 ,Sami Serhat Tonus 1 ,Derya Guroy 3 ,Halil Ibrahim Kılıc 1

1 Gaziantep University, Faculty of Arts and Science, Molecular Biology and Genetic Department, Gaziantep, Turkey
2 Yalova University, Armutlu Vocational School, Food Processing Technology Department, Yalova, Turkey
3 Yalova University, Armutlu Vocational School, Aquaculture Department, Yalova, Turkey
DOI : 10.4194/2459-1831-v2_1_02 Viewed : 6218 - Downloaded : 3471 Spirulina is a filamentous microalgae composed of microscopic cells and is a member of the class Cyanobacteria. In thisstudy, antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of Spirulina produced in Alg Production Unit of Yalova University Armutlu Vocational School by using the 2500 L volume of transparent polycarbonate green house at temperatures between 28-30 ºC were determined. Spirulina platensis produced and harvested intensively in June, 2015 and was filtered and washed with 45 micron plankton gland and then dried at -60 ºC. Total amount of phenolic and total flavonoid substance contents of Spirulina platensis were determined by using spectrophotometric methods. Antibacterial activity tests were determined by disk diffusion method using 4 different standard bacterial strains. For DNA-protecting activity, pBR322 plasmid DNA and UV-C method were used. Total oxidant status was determined using Rel-Assay Diagnostics (TAL, TOL) and DPPH methods. Antibacterial properties were not determined against the determined strains in Spirulina samples prepared at different concentrations. Spirulina samples are well-known to have antioxidant and antiradical activity. Spirulina platensis has been found to have good DNA protective activity. Better DNA protection has been identified, especially with samples at higher concentrations. Keywords : Spirulina, pBR 322, UV-C, DNA, TAL, TOL