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Genetics of Aquatic Organisms 2017, Vol 1, Num, 1     (Pages: 15-20)

Effects of Triploid Induction to the Early Cleavage Patterns of Black Sea Turbot (Psetta maxima) Embryos

İlhan Aydın 1 ,İbrahim Okumuş 2

1 Central Fisheries Research Institute, 61250 Yomra, Trabzon, Turkey
2 Faculty of Fisheries, Rize University, 53100 Rize, Turkey
DOI : 10.4194/2459-1831-v1_1_03 Viewed : 7658 - Downloaded : 2852 Fertilization and embryonic survival rates and cleavage pattern were examined to test the effects of triploid induction in the Black Sea turbot (Psetta maxima). Fertilization rates were similar between cold shock and control groups, but the incidence of 4 different blastomere malformations were higher in cold shock group than that of control group. A positive linear correlation was detected in between normal blastomere morphology and embryo viability in all treatment groups. Except blastomere asymmetry, no other morphological abnormalities found correlated with embryo survival. Blastomere asymmetry showed negative linear correlation with embryo survival only in cold shock group. The results of the study demonstrated that blastomere morphology could be used in assessing egg quality and the negative effects of triploid induction in the Black Sea turbot. Keywords : Black Sea turbot, Psetta maxima, egg quality, blastomere morphology, triploid, cold shock